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First-Time Patient?

Every patient receives an initial assessment to identify the ailment and plot the best course of treatment. Initial examinations include a general examination, weight analysis, stance analysis, orthopedic evaluation, neurological evaluation, and thermal imaging to develop the rehabilitation program for the patient.

Healing Hearts provides the following physical rehabilitation services:

Preforming ultrasound therapy on a German Shepperd patient

Ultrasound Therapy

High frequency sound waves create mechanical energy through vibrations which stimulate the molecules of tissue to compress/decompress, creating heat and stimulating/enhancing tissue healing, decreasing pain, muscle spasms, and increases collagen, blood flow and metabolic rates.

Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine

One method of ancient Chinese therapy, Gua Sha involves motion over the skin that helps with circulation, collagen production, and lymph drainage.

Blonde french bulldog looking up at the camera

Therapeutic Exercices

Therapeutic exercise involves designing movements and physical activities that restore function and flexibility, improve strength and gait, and decrease pain.

German Shepperd looking at the camera with a person behind assessing stance

Gait Analysis and Assessment

Gait Analysis and Assessment helps in understanding animal locomotion, and can be imperative to diagnosing numerous musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions.


Using specialized tools like therapeutic elastic tape to improve movement dynamics and awareness of areas of the body with neurological defects by increasing proprioception. This reduces pain, improves blood and lymphatic drainage, and supports joints and muscles.


The application of cold over an injury, typically used to relieve pain, increase circulation, promote relaxation, increase tissue extensibility, and minimize inflammation.

Image of German Shepperd looking up at the camera in between the client and staff member

Customized Treatment Programs

All patients receive an initial examination to identify the best course of treatment. Treatment plans are highly customizable to provide the best likelihood of rehabilitation.


The application of heat over an injury, thermotherapy is highly beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation, and it promotions increased blood flow and metabolic healing.

Performing an electrical stimulation treatment on a patient, like Dr. Ho's machine, provides electrical pulses to the muscles to combat atrophy and provide pain relief.

Electrical Stimulation

Used most commonly in orthopedic or neurological injuries and disease, this treatment uses electrical currents to accelerate healing, slow muscle atrophy and build muscle mass.

Image of a grey tabby domestic short hair cat getting measured for limb flexibility

Limb Mobilization

Limb mobilization can improve the patient’s range of motion, reduce pain, and improve the mechanics of a joint or limb.

Massaging a blonde french bulldog


Using Swedish massage techniques designed for veterinary use, with long sweeping motions of the hands we can provide stress relief, relaxation, decreased tension in cramped and stiff muscles, improved energy and flexibility, and increase overall physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Performing thermal imaging services on a patient using an infrared camera.

Thermal Imaging

Indicates areas of inflammation, pain and decreased circulation by using a specialized camera that reveals cold/hot zones on the thermal spectrum – to target areas needing attention and to monitor treatment progress.

Stance Analysis **Coming Soon**

By identifying weight distribution across all four limbs, the Stance analysis can prevent future issues by targeting problem areas and assessing lameness.

Preforming magnetic therapy on a patient using an Assisi Loop.

Magnetic Therapy

Using electromagnetic fields, the natural nitric oxide (a natural anti-inflammatory molecule) in the body is stimulated to combat inflammation and enhance healing.

Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy utilizes infrared light to modulate cell functions by use of photo biostimulation, accelerating wound and joint healing, and tissue regeneration, and managing pain and inflammation.

Treadmill Exercise **Coming Soon**

Used for improving muscle strength and range of motion in compromised joints, weight management, and/or athletic conditioning.

Healing Hearts Rehab services may change as we continue to grow. For information about current or “coming soon” services, please contact us.

Healing Hearts not only provides  rehabilitation services but we also have a variety of other services as well:

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

For existing and long-term clients only, we are currently not taking any new clients/bookings for pet sitting except for our current members, subscribe to our email list for updates on when our bookings will reopen.


RVT Appointments



Mediciation Administration

As prescribed and recommended by your vet

Minor Wound Care

All cases must have been seen by a vet prior and have been prescribed treatment for such wounds.

Nutritional Consults


Weight Assessment


Grooming Services

Nail Trimming
Ear Cleaning
Anal Gland Expressions

Healing Hearts is proud to be and have staff that is members of the following associations:

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